The Basics Of Writing Content – The Foundation For A Good Read

Posted by on Mar 05 2010 | Content Writing

With internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ruling the internet space and making new rules when it comes to developing content, the basics still remain the same for writing content which shall make for a good read. Whether the content is to be used for SEO or not, the basics that help in writing content that appeals to its readers never change. Keeping the following four steps in mind, anyone can successfully create a copy while writing content that makes for an engaging read.

  1. Pre-writing preparation – The first step before writing content is to understand the topic at hand and gather your thoughts. By giving the topic proper thought and research, framing and writing content becomes a relatively easier task. Relevant research and getting the facts right is an integral part of the preparation required before writing content. Brain storming and free writing (as in jotting down random thoughts on a notepad manually or digitally) are a few techniques that can help immensely in writing content that would translate into an informative read.
  2. Creating a draft – The second step involves giving a structure to the information gathered so far. Once a structure is in place, writing content to fill in takes half the time. Creating a draft is an important step; as herein the writer brings together the research and information in an orderly fashion that goes on to determine the flow of the entire piece. The draft is an outline as to how the information is to be presented to the audience. A well drafted piece will make for a read that is informative as well as one which is interesting enough to persuade the reader to carry on.
  3. Review and editing – The next step after writing content would be to review the piece. In this step, the objective would be to fine tune the content according to the audience it targets. Though writing content is the primary task of a writer; however, checking the copy for technical, grammatical and spelling errors is equally important. Even a well-written copy can fail to make the requisite impact if it has grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  4. Proofreading – The final step includes proofreading the content to scrutinize the copy and double check for errors. This is one of the most crucial steps that can ensure that the hard work put into writing content bears the desired fruit. Proofreading can also be described as placing the cherry on the cake when it comes to writing content.

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  1. Rohit

    The entire process of writing content explained in a very lucid and step-by-step manner. Kudos Cosima….

    06 Mar 2010 at 3:22 am

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