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What is there in a blog that makes it so affable? As we know, the phenomenon of blogging started off as a personal log book and uneventfully went off to create a space where knowledge sharing is no more personal but public engagement. Blogging continues to mix the individual’s point of view and the public service in general with a subtlety of tone. For some it has evolved as a space for making money with content marketing, for others as a platform of communication. Whatever may be the purpose behind it, blogs take out a good percentage of overall online content space and in a variety of forms. At this juncture, we would like to see what kind of blogs top the list of online readers.

Technology: Technology perhaps has given pace to human race in more ways than one can imagine and has also mounted for a good amount of unanswerable questions. The latter is the cause of popular technology blogs that help users with answers on gadgets, features, usability and complications.

Marketing: For brands and products to talk about that special new aspect, blog is the best medium. No matter what, a simple communication through blog is the answer to the new marketing tool and a platform for consumer interaction.
News Feature: People like to prowl the internet for news and views. A plain news article may not be the catch everyday but with an opinionated blog, one is sure to grab more eyeballs. Video amalgamated news feature blogs are a hit in this category.

How To: Give rest to the textbooks because the new age formula for experiments is here. The ‘how to’ blogs are one of the fastest catching sensation on the net. From dressing up to cooking to fixing things, all the answers lie in a blog that deals with the specialized solution.

Travel: Men and women of the wanderlust kind found the answer in travel blogs. The readers and authors are of the same species here. This blog type has its very own kind of followers and it has come as a sigh of relief for people who could now visit places with virtual reads, since they miss out on it in physicality.

Humour: Laughter is the best medicine and the good news is it sells too. Blogs with the funny bone have tickled a huge amount of fan base on the web and continues to engage more with viral sharing via the social networking sites.

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  1. Jyotika

    With the boom in e-commerce etc. fashion blogs are another kind gaining increasing interest and foothold in this realm!

    02 Nov 2012 at 11:03 am

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