The Books That a Writer Will Treasure

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A writer will always vouch for reading. No form of writing has been inherited and is rather a result of toiling hard. No writer will proclaim that he was gifted with the power of creating pearls of wisdom with the ink-dipped pen. Moreover, they have been generous enough to share their secret with the world. And, all they give credit to for their exceptional works to is the exceptional work of previous writers. There are a number of reference writings that even great writers refer too and all began as a reader first. Here is a list of 5 books on writing for writers:

1)    Zen In The Art of Writing: This is a different soul curry for writers. Where other writers stretch and manipulate the difficulties that writing poses, Ray Bradley in his book brings a fresh perspective to the world. The book points out at the emotions that must go into the writing. By this book the author wants to highlight the importance of taking work as fun.

2)    Weekly Writes: The book is an excellent example of a help guide for writers. The book will take you on a journey for becoming an extraordinary writer in a fun filled way.

3)    The Elements of Style: The book has been authored by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White; and is a masterpiece. You will be itching to right while reading the book and it will set your direction right.

4)    Reading like a Writer: Authored by Francine Prose, this book has the power of distinguishing good writing from very good and very good from excellent. It will help you out with the technicalities and philosophy of writing.

5)    On Writing: The book is an interesting mix of a writer’s autobiography and teachings on writing. Contrary to Zen in the Art of Writing, the book talks about the other side of writing.

Adding these books to your shelf will mark a new beginning in your writing arena. Reading them will be the start of a new you. And, following them would bring to life a great writer. Apart from books one should read blogs from writers, to keep a track of the writing styles that are emerging and those that are fading away.

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  1. Harsh

    Whilst it is always helpful to read on writing by professional authors, a writer must let his natural self reflect in his writing. It is his own inherent style that will come our best – always.

    17 Apr 2012 at 12:09 am

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