The Changing Face of Facebook

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If this was not a marketing kill then what else is? Facebook did that to Orkut long before the frontrunner even knew that it was being threatened by the former. Starting from a dorm room experiment to having 1 billion users on their social network site, Facebook evolved and how!

The site continues to astound and keep the users engaged with new features. There’s no bargain on that. The minute the feeling sinks in that the site is losing the user ‘connect’, we have something bigger and better. It is just inevitable here to share some of the aspects that made the users stick around for more.
Timeline: Facebook knew from the beginning that the site is just as much about digital socializing as it is about self representation and what better way to do it than by chronicling the events of your life. This led the brand bandwagon to hit a new social network marketing formula.

Integration: Facebook made the user engagement happening with apps but it gradually went ahead with integrations. From Scribd to TripAdvisor to Bing, Facebook integration now allowed the users to share notes, search and even plan a journey, when they feel like it.

Video Chat: The Facebook and Skype integration gave the users the leisure of video chat. This in fact was quite an event that took place when Google dropped the bomb with Google+. The former sure was ready to take on the competition’s attack and nicely so.

Subscription: This was something quite ‘awaited’. For people who sought the friendship status but were not successful, could now subscribe to the posts, allowing the community to grow and seek out more acquaintances.

Photo Albums: This has been one aspect of Facebook which has been constantly innovating. With increasing pixel sizes, easy navigation, tagging and bigger views, Facebook photo features are a revolution and are definitely a popular category amongst users.

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