The Changing Trends in Social Media Optimization: What to Know

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Social media is unanimously hailed as one of the most powerful tools for online marketing in the contemporary landscape. The reason being that the average internet user is much more active and involved than ever before.  SMO or Social Media Optimization is not just another  gambit for Social Media Marketing but rather a prerequisite for the same. In defining terms, SMO is remodeling content and structure of a website to enhance the website’s presence across various social media platforms. The term SMO came in vogue as early as 2006 and its dimensions have undergone many shifts in the past few years.

1.    Optimizing Content: Content is the backbone of any SMO stratagem. While the focus has always been on the linking of content to various social platforms, generating “shareable” content is also critical. “Shareable” content is something that people may actually want to share on their own premise. Generating content that appeals to your key demographics is the main challenge here as SMO is not just about linking; it’s about liking, tweeting, digging, stumbling, pinning and much more.

2.    Making Sharing Easy and Universal: It is not a secret now that tagging and bookmarking tabs are just not enough.

    As multiple social platforms are on the rise, provisions must be made to hoist your content across each of them. Various social media buttons must be incorporated with your website to facilitate ready sharing of your content.

•    There are various channels which can help your content traverse the web and ultimately bring more visitors to your site. Video sharing sites and document sharing sites like Slideshare, Scribd can increase the accessibility of your content.

3.    Engage: SMO only works if it triggers a genuine discourse among the audience. The key here is to encourage your audience to propagate your content.

•    Rewarding people for sharing your content is a viable option but it is essential to ensure that your content is propagated in the right channels.

•    Creating social media handles such as Facebook pages is almost a given. But the need is to be proactive on these handles and readily addressing each and every feedback.

•    Banking on the content based on trending topics is recommended. People’s interest and predilections keep shifting with time. Hence, it is prudent to keep your content in sync with the current and the new.

4.    SEO Integration: SMO ultimately is aimed at getting more and more unique visitors to your website but sadly it cannot work in seclusion. Before getting on with SMO, it is essential to lay down the ground work with a SEO campaign.

5.    Going Viral: For new websites, a viral campaign can get the ball rolling. Your overall SMO strategy must accommodate some viral campaigns as social media is especially conducive to viral phenomena.

6.    Gaming: Social Media Gaming is the new element added to the mix of SMO. Games of the likes of Farmville, Mafia Wars generate high user involvement as well as user interaction. Apparently, they also serve as nifty tools to gain brand association and building brand image.

The potential of Social Media Optimization is beyond limits as it presents a host of opportunities and an ample scope for innovation and creativity. SMO has emerged as one of the major tools in the marketing mix as it enables to capture the attention of the key demographics on favorable terms while propagating a more credible message.

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  1. shivangi

    For once, at least, we have a blog that does not use the term “SEO ranking”. And, thanks for that. Because generally, SEO is considered as a tool for improving web ranking. The blog focuses on the end results of SEO and not just its improvisation.

    09 Aug 2012 at 8:24 am

  2. Anamika

    If the SMO strategy gets replicated in quality, the quantity (read in terms of profits) would follow.

    13 Aug 2012 at 11:27 am

  3. Thank you for sharing this great information, it was really helpful….

    10 May 2013 at 10:40 pm

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