The Essentials Of Blog Writing

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Blog writing is something that catches attention of many at a very fast pace. For amateur writers, blog writing is a refreshing way with which they can express themselves. The blog posts could range from anything pertaining to everyday life, latest gossips and happenings around the world to common interests which people might share.  For people really interested in blog writing, a few things should always be kept in mind:

The most important aspect of blog writing is making sure you are writing for the reader, otherwise no one would pay heed to your article.

A catchy headline must be given to the blog post. The title should allow the reader to know what’s there in the blog.

The blog should be kept as lively as possible. You may include pictures and videos to attract several pairs of eyeballs, and the language should be kept informal to an extent.

The opening paragraph of the blog should underline what the blog post is about. A person who is interested in reading about cricket would not waste time on a blog post about tennis!

A blog writer should present his viewpoint in an unbiased manner and not make hasty conclusions or judgments. It’s always a good idea to consider both sides of a coin.

If a blog is written about a topic which the general public can relate to, it would ensure more number of people visiting the website and reading it.

The end of the blog post has to be impactful and should make the reader think and comment/discuss about it further.

Another very important aspect of writing blogs is linking. This would make a reader read about a similar topic in another blog or webpage and add to your network fellow bloggers as well, raising awareness about your blog.

Blog writing could range from an official blog to an everyday blog. It is, in fact, a great way to bring forth your thoughts and ideas and help connect with people with similar interests.

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  1. Rohit

    Cosima is right…blogs are a great way to connect with people and here are some really cool tips…

    31 Aug 2010 at 8:54 am

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