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I had been quite a fervent writer since my teenage years, but for some reason had no interest in maintaining a diary. No matter how many times I was told to keep my writings in an organized manner I would fail to do so. May be it was a careless attitude or a disinterest in reading from a hard bound book that kept me from maintaining a journal.

Blogs were a breather for me, for when they came I was a little more mature the importance of preserving my works. And, yes they provided a relief from the scribbling ink onto paper too. At the age of 20 began the craze for blogging and no wonder I became habitual at it. Here are some of the learnings that blogging imparted to me:

1)    Knowing Your Reader: This is the first most important lesson that I learnt prior to starting a blog. What I came across was the truth that numbers do matter. I also learned a few tricks like the time of posting a blog, time when web traffic is highest etc. Apart from that I memorized the fact that a reader will read what he likes to read. This lead to my learning number 2.

2)    Give The Content a Face: Everything from the content to the design of the blog to the picture that speaks the story must complement each other. More importantly a user-friendly blog would get much more viewers than the one using an extraordinary but complex theme. Whether your blog is at wordpress or blogger rarely matters if the content is a hit amongst the audience.

3)    Keep It Short and Sweet (KISS): This is a strategy that I always follow when writing something that has a heavy subject. Basically I work by theme method. So, if I am working on content curation, I would probably break down the entire topic into 6 or 5 blogs on different aspects of content curation.

4)    Link With Like-Minds: This way you will have an abundant reservoir of knowledge and information about the subjects that you are interested in. Sharing opinions and views will help you gain a deeper insight into the matter.

These are a few tips that I often keep in mind while blogging. Apart from these, the basics really matter to me a lot while blogging.  Proofreading, editing and organizing content, therefore, come naturally while writing a blog.

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