The Magnanimity of a Content Writer in India

Posted by on May 12 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

With the outsourcing enterprise in India booming and thriving with every passing year, content writers have become a dime a dozen. You will find applications for content writers being flooded with responses, akin to the 3rd class berth of a Mumbai local being overloaded by all and sundry. How then, does one differentiate between a good content writer and the run-of-the-mill, would-be content writers who come to the employer’s office together as a mixed bag?

One of the basic tenets of content writing is one’s lucidity with the language. In crude terms, one’s flow, that determines whether the desired reader will be engrossed in his work or not. A good content writer is proficient in speaking, writing and more importantly, thinking in the language. Thinking in the language means that one doesn’t need to go through the trouble of receiving the information in a certain language, deriving its meaning in his/her preferred language, and finally converting it into the required language. Basically, you don’t need to stand in the queue; simply take the fast track way through. This grants efficiency and effectiveness as both time and fluidity are optimized to the maximum.

Another inherent element that plays a pivotal role in content writing is one’s ability to judge the audience that is being catered to, and subsequently write the article keeping in mind their needs, whims and fancies. This is the aspect where experience comes into play. Freshly-weaned content writers would tend to be selfish in their work, seeking to write as they please, thinking that if the article seems fine to them, how could it not appeal to the target audience? Perish the thought! However, as one grows, and becomes acquainted with the nuances of audience psyche and the subtlety of content writing in general, it becomes quite apparent that the road to the meadows has many forks, and the veteran content writer will travel the one that leaves his companions aka audience, verily satisfied.

The final facet that is instrumental in sculpting a superior content writer is his/her ability to learn how to fit the appropriate number of keywords into the copy, without taking away from its appeal or tainting its flow. One needs to be judicious with keywords; they are a blessed boon, but if used with recklessness and gay abandon, they can reduce a fine article into undignified gibberish. An admirable trait of a good content writer is to fit the keywords in the copy and not harm the content itself, rather enhance its quality. These are the fundamental cogs that make for the well-oiled machine that is a good content writer.

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