The Nuances of Résumé Writing

Posted by on Jun 19 2012 | Resume Writing

Imagine existing in a world, where humanity only lives on paper and all the otherwise verbal exchange happens in print with words materializing on the surface. If we had to market our identity, we would want to put our best face forward, proverbially and literally.

A resume is our identity on paper that we use to secure positions for education or employment purposes, thus what we show tells the hiring manager a lot about ourselves. It includes information pertaining to our personal and professional profile, work experience, education and skills.  Putting such vital information merits careful construction and intelligent phrasing to be able to convey the intended meaning.

With the existing competition gripping individuals ever so tightly, the paranoia behind a good resume is unsettling. However due to the advent of numerous professional writing services, making a resume is now everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays a host of professional writers provide guidance on how a novice should construct their resume to suit a certain job profiles. With the trends of resume writing changing with the evolving industry standards, the gentle nuances of writing a resume still adhere to the tried and tested methods of yester-years.

Now a thing to realize is that no two resumes are alike, and should be kept that way. The resume in all its nuances should ideally convey how well the candidate can do, what he/she claims to do. It is not an unintelligible bare mention of factual experience, but a unique value proposition, that sets you apart from the next individual. Nuances tell a story – they weave in the concepts of team building, leadership, perseverance and diligence based on intelligently phrased achievements and experiences.  Subtle nuances provide additional dimensions to the words written in print on the resume. They flesh out the individual behind the words, and give them a standing – on how they would deal with official circumstances and workplace environment. For an employer doesn’t seek an employee merely to fill a vacancy – but to enrich the holistic work environment with the addition of work-driven individuals.

This is where the professional writers come into being. They convert the lackluster achievement into statements that sets one apart from the herd. When it all comes down to that one chance to be able to make a difference to the hiring manager, one should pull out all stops to make sure that their resume stays on people’s minds.

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3 Responses to “The Nuances of Résumé Writing”

  1. Rohit

    Resume is indeed our identity on paper. However, it does get funny when a candidate doesn’t come across as ‘suave’ as his/her professionally written resume

    20 Jun 2012 at 10:39 am

  2. shivangi

    Ever wondered why sometimes you get a call for the post of a sales executive when you had applied for the post of a finance executive. Well, its not a mistake or ignorance of a recruiter but his careful analysis of your resume that reflected your talent in sales. Maybe, the content was quite PERSUASIVE, a trait that a salesperson must have!! That’s the reason why one should write in a manner that reflects your skills.

    20 Jun 2012 at 5:01 pm

  3. Anamika

    It just helps to be what you are…and same for your resume. Present subtle facts (that are verifiable). Knowing what you are and saying the same thing, infuses a lot of confidence.

    25 Jun 2012 at 9:53 am

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