Think before you call yourself a Product Reviewer

Posted by on Sep 23 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

Here comes one more product to write the review on. I don’t know the product, have never used it in my life, but I am getting paid to promote it. This reason is more than enough for me to dance around and say positive things about it, or wait, think there are so many people who prefer to read product reviews before they actually go and buy them. People who religiously practice reading reviews before landing in a store to buy it will easily tell whether the reviewer has actually experienced the product or is simply making castles in the air and fooling the readers globally.

It is critically important that as a reviewer, you should actually know the product or read thoroughly about the product before becoming the expert, which unfortunately we think we are, giving the review. Frankly speaking, many of us never bother to get the first hand information about the product that we are going to describe. What is important is that we have a product, the labelling looks great, it has a colourful appearance and here comes the review, beautifully explained with flowery language used. Excuse me! Where are the facts or the answer to the problem that a consumer may be looking for?

Product reviews should always focus on the solutions to the problems that a consumer looks for. If I am prone to hair fall, I would rather look for a shampoo that helps me keep my hair on my scalp and not the design of the bottle and fragrance that the shampoo has. Make sense out of product reviews; do not forget that the readers trust you for what you write. Give it a neutral (including good and not-so-good points) tone and come out of the fear that telling what you don’t like about the product will make sales go down. It won’t, readers will rather appreciate you for giving honest product reviews. The best way to deal with product description is to study the product well (if not use it) before saying anything about the product and leave the rest to the consumers.

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  1. i totally agree. a reviewer should have perfect understanding of the product before he decides to write the review.

    23 Sep 2011 at 8:12 am

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