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Posted by on Aug 27 2008 | Web Content Writing

Content that has to be prepared for a website needs to be very crisp and concise. People who read articles, blogs and other kind of content on the web generally avoid information overload and prefer to read stuff which is short and informative. So in order to maintain the interest of the reader, a content writer preparing content for the website needs to write as a reader. He/She needs to prepare content in such a way that the reader does not get bored of what has been written. Given below are a few tips for all those aspiring writers who wish to write for websites so that the writings look good and give a very professional outlook.

1) The sentences, words and paragraphs should be short: As they say, keep it short and simple. Short but informative sentences have a huge impact on the reader. They do not let the feeling of boredom sink in and make it an enjoyable outing for the person who really feels like reading in detail.

2) An idea for each paragraph: The number of paragraphs that have been written in any article or blog should contain at least one idea each. The kind of vigor this style of writing has is indescribable as the reader anxiously waits for the next paragraph to begin so that he/she comes across a new idea.

3) Use the Inverted Pyramid style of writing: The Inverted Pyramid style of writing is the one where the most important details are placed at the top and the least important come at the bottom. Readers are very impatient. They quickly want to know the crux of the event without wasting much time on it. This way the reader will read till the time he/she comes to know about the exact details which happen to be written at the top.

4) Usage of simple words: The writer needs to understand that the common man does not sit with a dictionary on his lap to check out the meaning of tough words. So even if the writer’s vocabulary is strong enough that he/she has the potential to pull out a novel, the words have to be kept simple so that the reader does not encounter any difficulty to comprehend the words that have been used.

5) Highlighting certain lines: Certain lines which the writer feels would have an impact on the user should be highlighted in bold so that they become clearly visible. The writer should go with his gut feeling and should write certain lines which are high on impact so that the reader stops for a moment to feel the force of the words. But there is a flip side to it. What the writer is supposed to avoid is the usage of clichés which might make the blog or article look like a copied one.

The points that have been mentioned above will certainly add a lot of depth and potency to the material written and will leave an impression on the reader.

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  1. pallavi

    the infomation was precise and helpful for a beginner
    thank you

    31 Oct 2008 at 5:50 am

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