Top 5 Functionalities Your Website Must Have

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With the surge in competition all around you, how do you ensure your business stands out amongst the crowd?  Moreover, with the competition getting even tougher in the digital space, it is even more imperative that you make your online presence even stronger. How can all this be achieved?

A compelling and functionality-rich website can help you win half the battle. Read on to know 5 features you MUST load it with:

  1. Social Media Widgets: In a world where sharing dominates the value of a brand and enables faster brand awareness and recall, the integration of social media buttons is a must. Since social media activities influence the search results of a website heavily, this feature becomes very important to be included.
  2. Calls to Action: Whilst a user may land up on your website, there must also be relevant calls to action for him or her to take an action. The action could be to register, contact, sign up or subscribe. The idea for you is to covert as many users as possible.
  3. Responsive: You must remember that a large percentage of your users may be viewing your website on their tabs or mobiles. The traffic to your website should not suffer as a result if this trend. Keeping that in mind, enable a smooth user experience even on mobile phones by making your website responsive.
  4. Search Bar: You know what can be found where on your website, but your audience doesn’t. Make their journey through your site easier, and include a search bar on the site.
  5. Meta Data: A pretty website sitting in the virtual space is practically of no use at all, unless equipped to be found by users in search results. Thus, it is essential to ensure a well-optimized site, with meta titles and meta tags in place.

Building a good website is like packaging your offerings well. The user will get attracted only if the appearance looks appealing enough to come closer. So, make sure your website development has that creative edge it needs.

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Functionalities Your Website Must Have”

  1. Tim

    In a “top five” for all sites, I would replace any one of these with a push for ‘ever-fresh’ content. Make it interesting, relevant to the target visitors and of value to them so they want to consume it. Creating a schedule of valuable new stuff helps to establish visitor behavior of checking back or better still ‘boookmarking’ your site.

    We recently conducted a survey of sites in one of our markets and found seventy-eight percent (78%) had not added any new content in a year (or more). All an organization would have to do is add something of value each month to move into the top quartile.

    Content strategy wins each time someone “gets it!”

    24 Dec 2012 at 8:34 pm

  2. Indeed, Tim. Content continues to be “king” as the cliche goes. And good-quality content, which is revised frequently on the website can do more wonders for the site and its traffic than the appealing design perhaps!

    01 Jan 2013 at 4:23 pm

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