Top 5 Trends in Social Media Marketing

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The trends in Social Media Marketing have brought magical devices in the real world. These devices or rather trends have definitely plated a major role in effective social media marketing in present marketing scenario.

Trend No. 1

A social mobile is definitely not the outdated phone that was once used to make calls and send and receive messages. It has become more of a computer in your hand that is well connected to the high speed broadband internet giving a new definition to communication and society. People take their social networks along with them no matter where they land up. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites play a major role in effective social media marketing.

Trend No. 2

The social signals like “+1” button by Google has been a great way for socialization of searches. Now not just the machines, but even humans have the access to vote for particular valuable content on web. This has really helped in visibility and prioritisation of the content in search results.

Trend No. 3

Now you do not have to leave your Facebook page to buy products of your favourite brands, it’s all there. E-commerce has made it possible to have shops on social networking site so that it becomes easy for the viewers to shop via apps on social networking sites. Top brands will have their homepages for the customers to visit and get updates.

Trend No. 4

No one thought social gaming would become a multi-billion dollar business in just two years. Earlier it was parks and grounds were games were played, but today social gaming has brought new evolution that is rich in multi-media and user friendly.

Trend No. 5

Blogs are attracting million of readers every day. Printing has definitely transformed its platform from offline printing to online blogs that are written on different topics.

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