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Travel writing gives an account of a place. It can be in the form of a documentary, a weekly article, a travel guide or even an adventure novel. Irrespective of that a travel writer’s job is one of the most exciting ones. It is considered to be one of the most glamorous jobs in the world.  But the job is not as easy as it appears to be. To be a travel writer you need to have certain qualities ingrained in you.

An adventurer by heart: It goes without saying that travel writing involves a lot of travelling. But the travelling is not quite the same as vacationing. You might have to live out of a suitcase. You have to go to places you may not have dreamt of. You need to be an adventurer, a gypsy by heart.

A good writer, if not an excellent one: Since at the end of the day you are to present your experiences through written words you have to be good at writing. A flair for writing always helps making your article all the more entertaining and lively, something very important for a travelogue.

An eye for uniqueness: Nobody would be willing to read facts they already know by heart or have heard a million times. Neither will your editor be willing to pay you for writing such facts. So even while visiting popular vacation spots you need to find something unique about the place, something that has not been explored before. You need to be curious enough to dig out an untold story regarding the place.

Strong enough to brave the odds: Travel writing is not a paid vacation. It is not about staying at luxury hotels. In fact the lodging depends entirely on the budget approved by your editor. So, you must be prepared for living in the most adverse of conditions, backpacking to cheap hotels, shelling out your own money if required and adapting to the strangest of norms and customs. In short you must be prepared to face the worst.

Like every other job there are the ups and the downs in travel writing. There are uncertainties galore.  While it is very difficult to start off it is even more difficult to sustain a job. There can be long periods of unemployment, resulting in financial concerns. If you are feisty enough to fight these odds take the plunge and explore the unknown.

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