Understanding Content Writing

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When I started to write on this topic, I tried to search the internet for anything interesting that I could use for my article. I am sure any content writer would have done that. After all being internet savvy is one of the prime requisites of a good content writer. I came across a number of articles, texts and blogs suggesting a variety of things on this issue. Different people, different voices and different view-points. Finally, I decided to pen down what I think of content writing after doing it for about a year now.

The Ultimate Goal

Let me start by writing down one of the most clichéd opening lines- ‘As the name suggests’, content writing is writing good and effective content so that it serves purpose it is intended to. The ultimate goal is to cater to the target audience, to drive more and more traffic towards your website, webpage or blog and to help the client sell his products and/or services.

The Need

Basically, content writing is needed because professionals know their job. They are better at it than a layman and are actually the ones who put the plan into action. They write the world’s most creative and original content for your websites, blogs, press- releases, advertisements, brochures, travel experiences etc.

The literary work of the company or the firm has to be at its best all the time. It is like you are ‘the’ introduction to your prospective clients. No one can afford to neglect it. The bottom line- Everyone needs content writing.

How it’s done

A Content Writer must assess his client’s needs. He should exactly know what he is supposed to write. After having done that, he is supposed to search the internet and use any other source of information that he has, and try and find out the maximum details about the subject. A bit of re-writing work obviously needs to be done. Knowing what is relevant and what is not is also very important. However, this only comes with practice. The more you write, the better judge you are. The final stage of work involves checking your text for any kind of errors. In the end, make the changes that your client wants to be done.

Qualities needed

Though content writing seems easy, but being 100% original every single time is not easy at all. Patience, dedication, sincerity, timeliness, good language skills, basic computer skills, being internet savvy, good researching skills etc are obviously needed. You also should know the limitations of the medium you are writing for. The most important thing, however, is the love for writing. You need to love what you are doing. Unless you don’t, you can’t be good at it.

This was a gist of what I have understood about content writing in the past one year. I might have missed out on a few points but I tried to give you a basic idea of what content writing is all about. Though the job is not difficult but being good at it is also not easy. What an irony!

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  1. When you write for Internet then it becomes content writing. You can write for websites, advertisements etc. All you need to be is creative and broadminded.

    04 Jul 2009 at 1:36 am

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