Viral Marketing through YouTube

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Viral Marketing as an advertising tool is probably one of the most innovative and cost effective techniques to tap the social media popularity for a brand awareness. It generally spreads by word of mouth publicity on the internet and has the potential to make or break a brand’s image. Talking of one of the successful viral marketing campaigns from the past, who doesn’t remember the Roller Babies advertisement for Evian mineral water? The ad garnered 65 million views and was crowned one of the most-watched web commercials in the world.

YouTube undeniably is a giant in the world of videos on the World Wide Web, especially with its features that allow any user to like and share any of the videos on his favourite social networking website. If it was not the case, who would have ever knew Why this Kolaveri Di? The music video by Dhanush gained immense popularity on the website and millions of viewers shared it on social media. The song was successful in creating a buzz and became one of the most successful viral video in India in 2011.

However, many a times, marketers misunderstand the concept to achieve their marketing objectives marketers and tend to make mistakes which leads to the wastage of effort and time. Here are some tips for a successful viral campaign-

  1. Creativity – While you are designing your viral marketing campaign, make sure that it is creative. You can take ideas from the popular trends as people easily associate themselves with it.
  2. Human Touch – If you are planning a viral campaign on YouTube, make sure that it does not try too hard to sell the brand advertised. Instead, focus on the concept. The viewer himself will get intrigued after watching the video and would want to know more about your brand as well.
  3. Headlines – While you are uploading your videos, make sure that you give it a headline that in itself creates a buzz.

YouTube has led many companies and businesses to reach out to their customers in an effective way. For many brands yet to see the day light, viral marketing on YouTube can definitely be an effective launch pad.

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