Website Copywriting – A Challenging And Captivating Job

Posted by on Dec 07 2009 | Web Content Writing

After having tried my hands or perhaps more appropriately my fingers with different varieties of copywriting projects I must confess that for me writing website copy does take the cake. In fact I have always found writing website copy to be the most challenging and captivating of all. Creating a perfect website copy involves everything that is remotely related to copywriting in general and as a matter of fact goes beyond the traditional approaches and aspects of copywriting. And I am sure once I have shared my experiences may be you would also share my view and agree with me.

Website copywriting is Challenging:

What I have learned from my experiences is that writing a perfect website copy is always a challenge. The client always looks at his website as a virtual face of his business, organization or idea or himself or any other purpose for which the website is being developed. In the world of web you are perceived as what your website showcases and the client always has a zero tolerance approach and quite justifiably too. Not only that, since we are the experts here, so even if the client is say somewhat lax or, as it happens in many cases, doesn’t grab the significance of a perfect website copy, I have had to convince the client that when it comes to websites anything less than perfect is just not good enough.

The factors that actually contribute towards building the challenge in addition to meeting client requirements include making the website market and business relevant, orienting it to meet the expectations of the target audience, outsmarting client’s competitors and whole lots of other aspects too. But I guess we’ll delve into the depths some other day, some other time.

Website copywriting is Captivating:

Nothing thrills me more than taking up a difficult challenge and that is precisely what makes writing website copy the most captivating job for me. When you set out for creating a perfect website copy it becomes a very interesting, intriguing and involved process. It begins at understanding not just client needs but perhaps even more important for me is to understand the business of the client almost as well as the client does. As I move on to putting the multiple thoughts, ideas and expectations into the website copy the whole process keeps becoming more engaging with every page or even every single line.

In the end to get everything right, as I already pointed out is the mission of any website copywriting project, is anything but easy. I would be hiding the truth if I didn’t confess that at times while working on a website project the “Challenging” part does dominate the “Captivating” part leading to cropping up of the “Frustrating” part. But it is also true or perhaps truer that nothing compares to the feeling of viewing the website finally going live and becoming a channel for the client to conquer the virtual world.

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