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Posted by on Dec 12 2009 | Web Content Writing

Getting everything right with website copywriting is among the hardest of the jobs, a discussion we had started off with. But the point that a good website is one that hits the bull’s eye is paramount and ensuring that is what the job of copywriter is. The question though is, is it complex and confusing? Yes. And even more important, is it doable? Absolutely. But the problem is, how you do it?
The process of getting everything right with a website copy is a combination of some general steps that you can follow and a peculiar skill for website copywriting that you can acquire if you try hard and try smartly. Let’s begin with the way to approaching a project from scratch;

  1. The first step is getting to know from the client the maximum possible information about business he is into, if the website is going to be about the business, as is mostly the case. Once you know what the client’s business is all about your job becomes easier when it comes to expressing through words.
  2. The next step involves understanding the purpose of the website. It could be a mere virtual face for the client, it could be about introducing oneself to a newer market, it could be about getting more business or it could be something particular the client has in mind. Once you know the purpose, you know how to approach the website copy, what to include and write, and how to align the content to the purpose client has in mind.
  3. What is also important is to know the target market and audience the client has in mind. In fact the tone and approach of the entire website copy is oriented towards what would appeal to the target group. If you can’t get their attention and get them interested in getting in touch with your client then that beats the purpose of the website.

Once you have got the basics of the project right you can be very much sure of getting the website copy right too. But there is one thing that is still very crucial in coming up with a perfect website copy and that is the most difficult part. Some copywriters have the knack for website copywriting and for them the job is obviously easier, others can acquire the skill. The smart way about it is to scan and study those websites over the internet which are the right examples of what a good website copy is. Also, going through the websites about the same business as the client operates in will help you get the hang of the usual approach followed, what is workable for that vertical and also what you can add to make your website different, more effective and help it stand out.

Website copywriting like any copywriting job has its own challenges and hence requires a special approach. Once you get down to working on a few projects it starts coming naturally to you and you can be sure of getting everything right.

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