What Apple Can Teach You about Content

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Apple couldn’t have been such a huge name without the vision of Steve Jobs. We may not know how but Jobs definitely had the talent of shafting the essential from the non-essential; and, the courage to toss the dispensable.

At the heart of the extraordinary success of Apple lies the empathetic involvement of every member working with and for it. So what is there for writers to cull from a brand like Apple. Answer? Values!!

The Core Philosophy at Apple….and what it Teaches?

 Jobs was right when he said that the user doesn’t always know what they want. True, because until someone gave them the idea, they were not aware that such a concept/thing/service could exist. This might seem like a long lost lesson, but Jobs adopted the idea of familiarizing people with their wants and needs.

The same applies to content. Readers really don’t know what they are about to read in the very next line. They are not “aware” about the vast knowledge pool that exists on or off the internet. Lesson #1 that can be taken from Jobs’s philosophy is that content (and its marketing) needs to reach people for them to know about the existence of the source. Lesson #2 which emerges from the core philosophy of Apple is that until and unless you experiment with a new writing style, no one will be able to figure out that something could be written THAT WAY too.

How Did Success Happen to Them….And How Can it Happen to You

 It was not an overnight achievement. There was careful planning and adherence to values. Apple believed in turning the most ordinary of concepts into delightfully beautiful products. Your takeaway as a writer “Take something ordinary and make it gripping/interesting for your reader”.

Another great philosophy at Apple’s is to communicate the way the user does. How do YOU do that? By empathizing. Know your audience. Write the way that you think will be understandable by them. Writing for an IT company? Let the tone reflect you as an IT expert. Writing for a fashion magazine? Make it fun, fresh yet simple to understand. Last but not the least, “Think Different”.

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