Why the Viral Gets ‘Viral’

Posted by on Oct 29 2012 | Social Media

We are sure to have a unanimous opinion of not understanding one bit of South Korean music sensation PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’. In fact that ‘s the only phrase that one can spell out of all the jibber jabber but can give him some credit, which is to let everyone around the world share the video or at least comment on this video on their Facebook page once. It’s crazy but it’s there and people love it or the better way to put it would be ‘hooked’. So, the question, what’s with everything from some sensible to absolutely nonsensical things going viral on social media?

There’s no corollary but there’s definitely a psyche behind why things go viral on web, especially social media. One thing that goes inevitably with the given situation is the availability of the Internet. Technology certainly has made things easier to be shared and people just can’t wait to do that. It’s like starting up a whole new platform for gossip and self representation is a big part of it. So, one shares a song, an article or a blog to carve that special niche of ‘self’. We do not deny that sometimes it goes without any deep purpose but just for the sake of it.

An interesting facet to sharing of viral videos on the web is the psychology of association. Self-identification with a genre of work is undermined over the bigger picture of getting attached to the crowd so, if a friend gets to like a video, one feels like liking it, tweeting about it, sharing it or commenting on it. It then, would not boil down to matter of opinion but the fact that it was noticed and ‘you’ participated.

Another side to it is more rational, like the feeling of getting attached to a cause, which is closer to heart. This may be anything from a personal choice of perfume brand to saving the environment or going vegan. The motto behind sharing is getting others to know, spread awareness and join the cause that one is so passionate about.

Before we close the discussion, shared here is a video that speaks of a unique research done in the area, enlightening us on the sides of why people share before embarking on the marketing side of how to get the content shared. So, the first five and a half minutes of interaction adds a new perspective to the view of ‘shares’ that goes ‘viral’.

Source: InmanNews on YouTube


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