Why use WordPress?

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WordPress can be used as one of the best content management systems and there are plenty of reasons that support this statement. Some of the reasons have been listed here.

WordPress is open source software- This is one factor that makes this application free of cost. Also, using this on any commercial and personal website is easy.

It is easy to use- one does not need great experience to be able to use WordPress for a website. If you are using the services of a hosting company, they will offer you to install wordpress on your website at the click of the mouse. You will find the administration section easy to navigate.

Availability of themes- a number of templates are available in wordpress and you will be spoilt for choice. If the default theme for the blog is not according to your choice, you can download thousands of themes to be used on your website.

Additional functionality using the plugins- doing anything with wordpress does not take up much of your time and the plugins help you in the process. You can perform a Google search to find the relevant plugins.
Compliance with the standards- wordpress follows all the standards devised for the web and makes sure that your website too remains compliant of the rules and runs smoothly.

SEO friendly- when you are building a website, it is important to keep the search engines in mind. There are a number of functions of wordpress that make it search engine friendly.

Not just the above mentioned qualities, wordpress also gets large community support. More than 1% of the websites on the internet make use of wordpress. There are forums to help you out if you face any problems while using wordpress.

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  1. geetika

    WordPress is indeed one of the best content management systems. A well written blog with helpful information for using this content management system. Keep it up!

    17 Aug 2010 at 2:23 am

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