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Facebook numbers have been on an increment loop ever since Facebook was founded. Same goes for other social media websites. And there seems to be no signs for the rate to slow down. Not that it should, as marketing folks have found a BBC3 in the form of Facebook and Twitter to broadcast the updates, news and all the marketing mambo jambo related to their products.

Having said that, you should give your users ample reasons to like your page and stay on it.

Just KISS. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Keep It Short and Simple. And that doesn’t mean just number of words but also the length of the sentences. If you have more than 8 words, break them into 2 sentences. You will see how total number of words are reduced (by using this method- I didn’t use the last 4 words. Did you miss those?) Attention span on web is the shortest and so should be your content. Hook your users with the first 4 words.

It All About SOCIALising

‘Educating’ your readers takes a backseat here. You want to keep your audience, you have to engage them. Generate interesting and potentially viral content regularly. Post some fun stuff that goes well with the brand image, something that doesn’t have to remind users that you represent brand (the profile picture with the brand name does more than a job here). Deafening your users with self-promotional noise will only lead to more ‘Unlike’.

It All About Socialising, Not Stalking

Yes, you should keep reminding your users that you exist. There is a difference though- You are one of those friends that someone wouldn’t like to hear much from. You will only end up annoying your users if they see too many updates from your page on their feeds. Sharing updates a tad too many times in a day might reduce you to a status of a pushy salesman.

Humour Never Fails

Now that goes without saying. Unless you are keeping a Facebook page for a Morgue, there is no reason why you should not add a little humour. Users don’t waste much time from coming across a funny update to hitting the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ button. Just make them laugh and seem them stick around.

Social media is stranger to none and a vision to everyone. The marketing messiahs will tell you how easy their job has been made by social media platforms. All you got to do is to pause and listen to your customers, even if the sales pitch was delivered ages ago.

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4 Responses to “Writing for Social Media”

  1. Anamika

    ‘A post a day’ on the Facebook wall can make a difference, given that it has the power (of words and content) to do so.

    18 Oct 2012 at 10:16 am

  2. Rohit

    Yeah. a post a day sure can make a difference

    18 Oct 2012 at 12:03 pm

  3. Jyotika

    The most important factor is the ‘share’ value, without which any no. of posts may go unread!

    18 Oct 2012 at 12:40 pm

  4. shivangi

    The goal is to get it shard, liked, pinned or retweeted. Its tough but you master the art by keeping updated on the latest lingo, trends and bring some creative ideas to the platforms

    21 Oct 2012 at 6:11 pm

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