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News release Writing is a company’s effort to catch the hook of publicity by meeting the needs of the journalists. News release or press release is pseudo news prepared by the company about its achievement for the consumption by the media. It is a genuine statement of facts and information but prepared in a form that is newsworthy for the media and in-concern with the general public. The news release is prepared in a proper format with all the requisite information for the news. The release is the reflection of the image of the company so it is prepared with utmost care.

The main concern of the news reporter, who decides the fate of the news item is ‘Is it newsworthy enough to be published?’ and ‘Is it important enough to generate interest?’  If the reporter gets convinced regarding the worthiness of the release then he will publish the news through newspaper, magazine or online methods. A well written news release can help the company increase its sales manifold and give the image a boost, as it is exposed to large masses. People generally trust a news article more than an advertisements that have exaggerated claims. News creates a lasting impact on the people’s mind as a level of credibility is attached to it.

The proper format of press release writing is as follows, if the news is for immediate release it is mentioned at the top of the page following which comes an apt and eye-catchy headline in bold. A subhead elaborating the headline is written beneath the same. It is important that a person uses right key word to grab the attention of the reader.

The body of the release includes paragraphs with the most important information at the beginning generally in the first paragraph itself. A release also follows the pattern of the inverted pyramid where the highlight of the news item is kept at the top. The remaining paragraphs of the release explain the details and provide facts and quotes. The concluding paragraph elucidates on the company’s activities and achievements. Contact information is also added at the bottom of the page for the reporter, in case he needs to find more information about the company or the activity.

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