5 Most Interesting Google Doodles

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Google has always encouraged and even spearheaded innovation. In 1998, Google started a new phenomenon with a series of doodles. The first doodle honoured the “Burning Man Festival” and as the years followed, the phenomenon picked up pace and got more creative and funkier. Let’s take a look at the most interesting doodles of 2012.

1. Hisashige Tanaka’s 213th Birthday: To honour the great Japanese inventor, Google created quite an intuitive doodle with flash animation. As Hisashige Tanaka created the Karakuri dolls, Google also created a doodle which portrayed the mechanical prowess of his inventions.

2. 107th Anniversary of Little Nemo in Slumberland: This is probably one of the most elaborate doodles Google has ever created. This doodle honoured master draftsman Winsor McCay who was one of the most remarkably talented storytellers the world has ever seen. The doodle consisted of a series of animated sketches which told an interesting story about the adventure of a boy.

3. Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday: How could Google ignore one of the finest creations gifted to the world by Dr. Robert Moog. As a token of gratitude to Bob Moog’s unique inventions, the Google Doodle created a close version of the keyboard, consistent with the theme of 1960s music.

4. Julia Child’s 100th Birthday: For the love of Julia Child, Google Doodle celebrated her birthday with a Google Doodle. Celebrating in the honour of someone who has been an ardent supporter of causes close to her heart was a small yet significant tribute.

5. Howard Carter’s 138th Birthday: It was the most FUN Google Doodle ever. Some may say that it had a kind of dizzying effect; nonetheless, it was addictive. Intricately detailed, this doodle also ranks as one of the best of 2012.

Now, Google creates doodles to honour major festivals of the year, known personalities and various other things. With its doodles, Google has given its followers an extra something to look forward to.

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