A World Beyond Reality: Tech-rich films

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One of the most prominent aspects of India, after Taj mahal would be Bollywood, if I dare say that. Apart from the celebrities visiting continents and working in other foreign films and some serious cinema, what do we really have to boast about? We spend multi crore dollars on our films but somewhere it still doesn’t come through. Well I’m pointing towards animation, cartoon, action, science fiction and horror films. These movies come to fruition after conjoining technology and creativity.

The Bollywood cartoon flicks doesn’t look like actual characters but hand drawn caricatures, horrific ghosts look more like comedy and animated movies doesn’t quite match up the level. I cannot think of a single movie that managed to evoke “Woaaooo” expression in me. Don’t mistake me for a Bollywood hater but I’m not a lover too. Some of the most valued films that I relate my childhood with are unfortunately Hollywood’s. Worth reminiscing would be: Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Up, Happy Feet, Lion King, Home Alone, Jurassic Park, Die Hard, Transformers, MI, Die hard, Inception and many more.

The question lies not in the aspect of creativity, which we already have in ample amounts here, but in the level of technology. We definitely are growing in terms of experimentation and infusing special effects but there’s a long tread ahead if we wish to produce world class cinema. In a globalised era as today, where information is transferred easily why not move beyond traditional cinema to more innovative styles including 3D.

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  1. the problem starts when the producers decide to spend crores on hammy actors and lazy songwriters. and then choose to spend the remaining amount on VFX.

    21 Nov 2011 at 1:51 am

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