Brochure Writing – Your Sales Stimulant

Posted by on Jun 24 2010 | Content Writing, Copywriting

For your business advantage, brochure is a tangible and effective marketing tool which will help you reach out your target customers in a credible manner. Before starting to write for a brochure, you must identify the main purpose of creating that brochure. Depending on your sales cycle, the marketing message you deliver in your brochure may outlive your other forms of advertising. Your message will have cumulative effect on your corporate branding due to the long shelf life of your advertising message printed in the brochure. You must understand that a brochure is an integral part of your company’s communication strategy and it will further strengthen your advertising message in ads, banner, fliers and direct mailers.

As a professional writer, you must take care of certain things while drafting content for the brochure. You have to be really persuasive while writing for the brochure because you don’t know your customer, he can touch it, flip the pages of the brochure or can absorb the benefits of your product mentioned in the brochure. You should beautify the face of your company by writing saleable words.
Brochure copy should begin with your customer and not your product. You should touch upon the pain areas and then later address those areas persuasively by offering solution to the problems.

Start persuading your customers from the cover page itself. When you begin to write the cover, you must mention the name of your company and the product name. You have to build the credibility with your readers

You must motivate your readers to look inside. Ideally you should include benefits of your product and not the features as benefits will provoke the thoughts of your customers.

You might lose your readers if you make your copy sound too technical. When you want to discuss the technicalities of your product or services, then use table, chart or diagram.
Your strategically oriented brochure copywriting, based on a sound persuasive structure can help you make the most of your investment in marketing and advertising.

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