Digital Marketing for Starters

Posted by on Aug 06 2012 | digital marketing

Digital marketing is the buzz word for businesses these days. Going digital is now not an option but a must for any business that needs to identify itself with a greater audience. It is thus, important to set a few particulars straight before you land onto taking up the act of digital marketing.

Get the product right: It is important that before you set out with your marketing gear, you should have a great product at hand to sell and talk about. You will understand that the value a product is going to deliver is important and would be a key factor in constructing your message.

Market yourself well: Once your product is right, know your customers and step ahead. Try and understand the market before taking that big leap, rather start with something small. Mean while, get the SEO and SEM operations going for your digital presence.

Design matters: Everything from your product to your marketing strategy needs to be designed right. In fact, for a business, a well structured website with easy features could be the first thing to begin with. Keeping it simple, yet interesting works too.

Do something unique: If you don’t want your customers to get you confused with any other name in the market then, you will understand the need for this. In a market where everybody is trying to grab that attention of the online user, you need to have something unique and in-your-face thing to make the mark.

Get social: When you have gone digital, this is a place you would want to be. Social media marketing is one wing of your digital strategy and you must have to be on it, to make it work in your favor.

Brand is important: It takes time to have one but it reaps results. One needs to have a brand in place because it adds value to the market capitalization.

The analytics: As your digital expanse grows, an analytical metric should keep track of your investments and efforts. This helps in planning out the future targets better.

Know what’s happening around: For everything else that you need to know as a start-up, it is required to move out and mingle more. So, participate in talks and conferences that give insights into how to take your digital strategy to a new level.


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  1. Arjun K M

    This is a good information for starters as it really helps before launching online. Why can’t you check out the video of digital marketing by Infosys BrandEdge. Hope you will enjoy by viewing it.

    07 Aug 2012 at 1:04 pm

  2. Anamika

    Thanks Arjun. The video was quite informative.

    08 Aug 2012 at 11:17 am

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