Geotargeting – an effective online marketing tool

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Geographical targeting, shortened to geotargeting, is a means to display website content based on the visitor’s geographical location enabling localized and personalized results. Even though the term might be new to you, you must have experienced geotargeting many times, for example when browsing for latest news, advertising, shopping and the like.

An ad you see on a website in India might be completely different from what your friend sees sitting in Australia, on the same website! Isn’t it intriguing how the Internet delivers content based on your location? Well not really; the technology behind it is quite simple. When you request a page on the server, the server queries your IP address against a database of worldwide IP addresses. This database identifies your country, at times even your city and then as per your location, displays relevant content.

Companies require a cross-functional technology that can enable them to create immediate and direct connection with their customers. To enhance your business performance, you can make use of this technology for efficient online marketing. If you are interested in providing country-specific offers, you may want to enable geographical targeting on your website. For example, if someone in Canada visits your website then you can show him offers that are relevant to his location.

Geotargeting is an effective form of online marketing as it enables you to create an instant connection with your website’s visitors. It allows your brand to reach customers in a particular city or region. When you focus on the specific parts of population for whom your products or services are most relevant, you can raise the tendency of visitors to click on your ad, thus in turn leading to better sales and revenue.

When it comes to online marketing, geographical targeting proves to be a powerful tool that empowers businesses towards a closer relationship with customers. It facilitates you to reach your target customers at the right time and at the right place.

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  1. Razibul Hassan

    Recently Facebook has implemented a Zip code based advertizement instead of city/town and it has proven to be far more effective than the previous one. This vividly proves the Geotargeting content and ads necessity.
    Reaching to the right customers with the right services/products is the topmost requirement for the online business and Geotargeting exactly serves the purpose.

    Thanks for the article. It’s worth reading…

    19 Aug 2011 at 1:54 am

  2. Kritica

    And so has Google! Through AdWords advertisers can show ads as per different location and languages.
    The ads we see on a website (that uses AdSense) are on the basis of Geo-targeting as well.

    19 Aug 2011 at 8:58 am

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