Hate it, Love it, But You Cannot Ignore it!

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Good bye to the old shows. It’s the era of reality shows in the Indian television industry, where every possible effort is made to project the reality in the reel life. If you look at the content of these shows, I wonder how many of you will actually call them reality shows; for me they are merely scripted shows to draw attention of the viewers and for raising the TRP’s. If using abusive language and violence is called a reality show then it is far better to switch off the idiot box.

If we look at the past era of Indian television, there were some great shows that certainly had good content for the viewers, especially the sitcoms. I remember my childhood days sitting with the family and watching some great shows that contributed towards clean and wholesome entertainment. The present scenario has some weird concepts that are not even meant to be watched with all the family members, according to the values our Indian culture. The concepts are such that it seems as if the producers of the so called ‘reality shows’ are tampering with the values of our culture and beliefs.

Some of the concepts are so brash and in-your-face that the Indian audience is not even ready to accept them. Do we still call them reality shows and make them a part of our entertainment schedule. In my opinion, reality shows are scripted with zero percent reality. The new set of reality shows presented on the Indian television is not even worth categorising under the reality show genres.

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  1. i completely agree… i stopped watching TV when i first laid eyes on India TV.. now i worship the internet……when it works (stupid MTNL!)

    19 Nov 2011 at 5:15 am

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