Healthy Foods for Winter Season

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Generally, few individuals are aware of the healthy food that should be consumed during the winter season. Almost all of us tend to eat unhealthy foods when winters are round the corners. It is true, even if we try our level best we tend to get tempted to the warm and fattening winter food. People who love winter season are also crazy for the seasonal foods and why not, it is proved that winter season improves our digestive system. It also keeps us healthy and save us from falling sick too often. The body temperature in winters is low due to which we require more energy that is provided by the food we eat, therefore it is important to take care of what we consume during winters.

Start your winter morning with a cup of herbal tea with Tulsi and ginger in it. Try and avoid caffeine, though it provides instant kick to start your morning, but makes you lazy as the day proceeds. Rather than fruit juices go for vegetables soups, mushroom or chicken soup. Soups are good to increase immunity during winters, especially to fight against cough and cold. Brown rice, chapatti, lentils, vegetables along with coriander, onion and ginger is a good idea to satiate your cravings during winter season. Ginger should be added to all vegetables and pulses you cook, because it helps in maintaining the body temperature. To end your day a glass of warm milk with honey and little turmeric powder is the best that you can give your body to maintain the metabolism all night long. This will also help you avoid gaining weight, which many of us tend complain during winter season.

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  1. Isha

    Thank you Sonam for all the valuable information, little changes help us maintain good health in any weather.

    07 Dec 2011 at 2:10 am

  2. thanxs sonam for the information..
    i would like to share an article of winter food

    03 Jan 2012 at 6:01 am

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