Popular Culture and its Effect on Advertising

Posted by on Aug 04 2012 | Advertising

Advertising has come a long way. Since the inception of the whole concept of persuading the general population to buy a product, it has seen many ups and downs. A number of techniques have been employed to sell products of a specific brand. The creative minds at work employed the use of Radio, Television, and Internet through common people, Singers, actors, athletes, cartoon characters  to almost anything that has the potential to plant the idea of action into the minds of target audiences.

All during this evolution, it’s interesting to note that what has remained unchanged is the effect of popular culture on advertising. Be it any country of the world, what remains popular amongst the population also gets into spotlight with the brand image revolving around as a guard. For instance, Amul butter ads. None of the Aml ads have ever asked any audience to buy their butter and still no brand has even come closer to selling as much as Amul does. But why is that so? Advertising that reflects popular culture attracts attention and people relate to it much better.  Once that idea seeps into the common man’s mind, the product gets picked up first in a super market.

So, when the most popular actress of India got married to actor, Abhishek Bachchan, Amul came up with this popular Print ad. And, this is a trend.

Another aspect is the affect of celebrity endorsement. Celebrities are always in fashion and are admired. So, if a brand combines a great product, a celebrity and a bit of creativity, it’s a win-win for all.

Many a times, advertising tends to have an effect on popular culture too. The products we see on our idiot boxes or the brand pages we like on Facebook automatically register a presence in our subconscious minds. And, once a person gets to a market for shopping, the product with the greatest impact on our minds wins the race.

In a way, it is totally appropriate to say that popular culture and advertising are helping each other. Advertising is taking the advantage of popular trends that sell and popular culture in return, is strengthening its roots.


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