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Posted by on Jan 28 2010 | Copywriting

To write well is equivalent to thorough research which is an ideal foundation for putting across the most profitable and relevant of ideas. Some of the greatest ad men or copywriters always emphasized on the importance of conducting research before penning down even a single word of the advertisement copy. Research is that great pillar without which no article can be written or developed. Without effective research, any writer is like a blindfolded person who is trying to hit the bull’s eye which is turning out to be a failed attempt every time. Credibility is one single most important factor that decides the readability quotient of your article or advertisement copy and a well-researched piece of writing promises to deliver the same. Whether it’s the usage of modern English or the flair for writing but allocating ample amount of time for conducting detailed research is the soul of credible writing.

There are various techniques that a writer can incorporate while researching. One of the most essential rules to be followed is the reliability of the source of information. The internet is a reservoir of information; therefore, all of the information is not true. It is always advisable to focus on more than one website in order to gather the information on any product or topic.

In this write-up, I will be discussing the importance of research in writing articles, an advertisement copy or a website copy.

  1. Understanding the product – You would be shocked to know that most of the companies are unaware of the advantages and the drawbacks of their products. Either the company is overconfident about the product or they simply underestimate their product and no copywriter can actually present the true picture in his writings or a copy without well planned research. One must know the true appeal of the product before giving it your own words.
  2. Judging the competition – A careful study of your market competition is crucial to the success of any piece of advertisement copy or website copy. Knowing their USP and their way of communication to the audience will help you give a right angle to your website copy.
  3. Identify your target audience – Writing for the audience is the most important basis for writing for the web. You just cannot keep stuffing your article with anything under the sun. Understanding the needs of your audience will help a copywriter to write something concrete and useful.
  4. Conducting keyword research – Bringing more traffic to the website is the biggest challenge for the writers. Effective keyword research is a key to enhanced SEO results that the company is looking at. Include all those keywords that have been overlooked by your competitors in your article so that your competitor’s loss can be your gain.
  5. Focusing on web usability research – Design your copy in a manner that it is widely read and not just flipped over. Write all the stuff which engages the attention of your visitors and force them to spend some of their quality time in reading your copy.

    If your audience does not get the credible and accurate information, then they will, in no time, make their way to some other website. Just like the four pillars of democracy, research is the strongest pillar for an effective ad copy or website copywriting which gives it a true meaning and logic.

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