Revamping Advertising

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Advertising has been the oldest method in history to further an idea into minds. From word-of-mouth strategies to catchy jingles selling detergent, the idea behind advertising has always been to grab eyeballs. And with the different forms of media at their disposal namely print, electronic and broadcast; reaching out to people with a persuasive idea has never been difficult. The challenge that the advertising industry must constantly answer is reinvention in the face of changing times. Gone are the days when people would collect in swarms to watch the successful young women in Santoor soap ads turning out to be older than expected, humming the jingle along. Time is a precious commodity and the Generation Y knows too well, to waste it. With changing times advertising industry must revamp their strategies to keep up.

In the recent times, keeping up with the advents of virtual marketing, the advertising industry has managed to tap the throbbing vein of the generation and has paved its way to maintain their stronghold over the minds. Now “likes”, “tweets” and viral videos sell products much faster than the other traditional methods.

Advertising entails understanding the audience thoroughly and by employing the what, why, when, how and where in their strategies they are reaching out to wider mass appeal. Selling a brand has transcended the usual “buy my product” theme, now ‘advertainment’ is the mantra of the game.  To this end new media has emerged as the savior of advertising methods, reaching out to people across various socio-economic layers at once.

The use of ultra targeted campaigns with relevant customized messages along with launching initiatives to build a natural viral scenario has been the contemporary strategy, in a nutshell.

On the economical level modern day advertising methods has been banking on money making strategies using the Internet as the modus operandi. Pay per click advertising and Ad Sense are making use of referral advertising to propel its outreach and earn revenue. With the advent of new media, traditional media however has had to take a step back. With interactive satellite television companies making their technology better, viewer can skip ads with just a touch of a button on their remote. The challenge, now for the electronic media would either be to make their ads crisp and even more eye catching, or abandon ship and target the same audience on a different platform. At the end of the day no two ads are the same. They target a different audience, a different mindset and a different appeal. The advertising industry has a bright future catering to mass consumerism and adapting to new socio-cultural and technological changes.

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  1. shivangi

    Advertisements then and now are poles apart. Thanks to the change in medium/mediums that ultimately rest upon on the upswing nature of technology. Take the OOH being replaced by mobile apps and now its DVS!! I guess soon we will have a certain facetube..(a hybrid of facebook and youtube) that advertises us through the virtual world.

    03 Jul 2012 at 2:56 pm

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